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Inspired by India: hot dances and over one hundred million views

Inspired by India: hot dances and over one hundred million views

14.11.2018 11:25


The clip of the famous Indian singer Garry Sandhu for the song “Yeah Baby” was released in May 2018 and almost immediately headed the first lines of the charts. At the moment, the video on his YouTube channel has already gained more than 101 million views. Maria Lyskovtseva, inspirer and dancer of the Garry Sandhu team, who participated in the filming of the famous video, shares the secrets of success.

The singer remembers and thanks Mary: “She was really good dancer and she have really good energy -we shoot till really late she did not complain about anything just want to say thanks to her!”


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Mary, why you chosen India? How appeared the idea of the trip, what were the goals of it?


Have you ever had the feeling that you wake up in the morning and realize that there is an urgent need to change everything? The idea was suggested by my friend, who at that time was already studying there. It was a sign from above. I quit my job, collected things, and after two weeks I worked as a choreographer in New Delhi.

I wanted to see another country and feel the local energy. India is tourist and India is working - these are two completely different worlds! Well, and perhaps the most important thing is to get out of the comfort zone! At first it's always scary, but then you experience the real firework of the feelings inside.


Tell us about your most vivid impressions?


Life in this amazing country is in itself an unforgettable impression! I was incredibly lucky; there were frequent trips to different cities: from the north to the southern coast, I managed to see so many beautiful places!

For example, I remember a trip to Massouri, a city in the state of Uttarakhand, a beautiful mountain station located at the foot of the Himalayas. Types of mountains shake their greatness!

A trip to the state of Jammu Kashmir, located 500 kilometers from Pakistan, will always be remembered. The situation there, to put it mildly, frightening: the military with machine guns, ringing silence and "no network" in the phone ...

The most vivid memory is shooting in the local BlackStar: Garry Sandhu music video. All this events brought great pleasure! This is the greatest experience for me!


What you did to become a star of this shooting?


Having a dream and a bit of luck! As in the song of Vera Brezhneva: "The sun shines equally to everyone."




How and how much were shooting? What difficulties did you have?


Only 11 hours by car and we were in the city of Bikaner in the Thar desert, Rajasthan. The shooting took place in three stages. The first filming process began in the desert long before sunrise from two o'clock in the morning: it was necessary to have time to adjust the equipment and make a couple of dozen video scenes on this site. The only difficulty was to dance when the heat at 8 am was already over 40 degrees. The second site was located in Laxmi Niwas Palace. Once it was a castle. Today it is transformed into a luxury hotel. The difficulty we encountered here turned out to be amusing. To climb onto the roof of the building, we had to climb along the wall, climb the stepladders, and all this in dresses under the stormy cries of the locals “Don’t afraid!”.

The third stage is again the desert and again the deep night of the next day. It is ridiculous to remember my dancing near the fire, before that I managed to sleep literally 30 minutes. However, the laughter of the Indians at the sight of a “crumpled face” and the look “everything is fine, I am with you” - remained behind the scenes.


Was the choreography difficult? Was the Russian experience useful?


There is no choreographic clip in the clip. It was only improvisation. In Russia, in addition to choreographic education, I had experience only in ballroom dancing. I was surprised, but the basics of oriental dance were taught to me by a professional belly dancer already in India.


What is the song and plot about? Are you close to the Indian perception of this topic?

In general, what is the biggest difference in mentality in your opinion?


To be honest, I still don’t know the whole essence of the song. To my question "What is it about?" All Hindus answer: "About love» .All Indian songs and films are dedicated only to this topic. And they love loudly, passionately, necessarily dramatic and, of course, to tears. This is the main difference of mentalities. Who likes theater and wants a game of love - Welcome to India!


How fast has the video gained popularity? Have you your own fans in India?


In five months, he collected more than 100 million views! Even Olga Buzova could envy such popularity! Fans appeared immediately upon arrival in India. Blonde with fair skin - for Indians, this is something magical! After the release of the video, the fans became many times larger. More orders for work appeared: everyone wanted to see “that very girl from the video” at their celebration. Often in the clubs they announced me and included the song “Yeah baby”.


Planning further collaboration with Harry? May already have ideas for joint projects?


Recently, Harry found me on Instagram and asked for a phone number. I was pleasantly surprised! There are some agreements, but for now I cannot tell about them. I will say one thing - I'm coming back to India!

How the work with Garry is? There were difficulties of understanding each other? Is he a demanding star?


The very presence of a number and work with a popular music artist delivered only positive emotions. Garry Sandhu is an incredibly talented and charismatic person. All days of filming he was in a great mood. And judging by how actively the film crew applauded me while performing a solo, there could be no question of mutual understanding.

Author of article Korotchenkova Anna